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annual meeting

SBL Meals in the Greco-Roman World Seminar


9:00 AM–11:30 AM (Sun.)

Convention Center (CC) - Mile High 2B (Lower Level)

Theme: The Revolution of 21st Century Korean Church Worship Meals


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Board Members

Hal Taussig, Susan Cole, Ikpyo Jo,

Jingyu Yang, JungJae Lee, and Miseon Choi  


Based in

 Yega, The Up-Life, Garam, Jeonju Young People, Buangeumam, HongDae Young People Dining, and Jeonju Saenuri Churches, in the Republic of Korea. Formed as the DiKAP association of churches [the acronym for “Didache,” “Koinonia,” “Atros,” and “Proschuche” in Acts 2, and refers to the church lifestyle of the 1st and 2nd centuries]  Editorial Board, Headquartered in Seoul, Korea

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On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my privilege to announce the formation of this journal, The EMCUS, 엠커스. This journal is launched on behalf of many recent voices in Korea and the United States for new ways of expressing life together as Christ people.  


The journal means to represent the deepening life together in the middle of the world that Christ people today are already developing. It is a step away from pious traditionalism and a step toward vibrant spirit and life that addresses ways for broader ranges of people to live collectively together in terms of economics, spiritual expression, community power and depth, and social sharing. We reject narrow church frames and embrace ways of being Christ people in our neighborhoods; with a wide diversity of backgrounds, ages, and expressions; and at the intersections of our different, national, cultural, and spiritual, and economic realities. 

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