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About EMCUS Journal

The EMCUS(엠커스) journal is launched on behalf of many recent voices in Korea and the United States for new ways of expressing life together as Christ people.

지구 위

In the

middle of the world

The journal means to represent the deepening life together in the middle of the world that Christ people today are already developing. It is a step away from pious traditionalism and a step toward vibrant spirit and life that addresses ways for broader ranges of people to live collectively together in terms of economics, spiritual expression, community power and depth, and social sharing.  


Christ people

We reject narrow church frames and embrace ways of being Christ people in our neighborhoods; with a wide diversity of backgrounds, ages, and expressions; and at the intersections of our different, national, cultural, and spiritual, and economic realities.

야외 파티

We are

Christ people on our way

As a journal we mean to explore, develop, deepen, critique, and build life together. We open ourselves to new ideas, ancient and postmodern practices, and self-criticism. The main topics cover ancient scriptures and practices, new and young investments in values and ways of being together, and ways of supporting humanity’s own development. We are Christ people on our way and with intentions to grow in our depth and connections; but we will not lock ourselves away from the vibrancy of the bigger world.  


invite you

We invite you to write alongside us. Many of us are scholars. Many of us work alongside people in the middle of the world. One of the main surprises and strengths in our communities have to do with the way we live and eat together regularly. The DiKAP leadership of this movement in Korea (primarily) and the United States takes its pioneering meals together in community from the first two centuries of communal meals by Christ People in the Mediteranean. We invite you to bring your thoughts, hopes, and wisdom to us so that we can also learn from you.

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