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Rev. Dr. Hal Taussig

Senior Editor

Hal Taussig is Senior Editor of Early Christ People & Multi-Cultural Up-Society, EMCUS Journal, headquartered in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Retired Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the Union Theological Seminary in New York, and United Methodist pastor. He is author of 15 books, the most recent of which is HarperCollins’s After Jesus Before Christianity: A Historical Exploration of the First Two Centuries of Jesus Movements (with Erin Vearncombe and Brandon Scott). His mediography includes The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Daily Show, People Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, National Public Radio, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC, the Bob Edwards Show on Sirius Radio, The History Channel, and the Washington Post. 

Robert C. Wickenden

Editor in Chief

Sugyeong Jeong

Managing Editor

Mary Williams

News and Views

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Art and Design

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